Hello 2017!


The New Year is here, and whilst all of you may be making resolutions, I’d like to share some wisdom I received in that moment between asleep and awake on New Year’s Eve.

  • Listen to what the Universe/God is telling you
  • Understand the message
  • Act accordingly (either through action or non-action; you will know)

This wisdom encompasses all aspects of life, but for this blog I will relate it to my art making.

This year I will be showing my contemporary paintings exclusively in galleries that represent me, and I will continue to sell small arts and crafts I create via etsy.com too. 2016 taught me that despite showing artworks in local events, my work sells best in galleries. The only exception was Suffolk Open Studios, and in 2017 I will be teaming up with other artists again to do something similar.

I will also create only works that inspire me so much I become passionate about it, where I have a connection to the subject, for either exhibition or commission. I currently have a commission in progress which I am really enjoying. I will also take even more time and care over the painting process – in the past I have been driven by numbers and quality. This year I will concentrate on quality alone. There is always room for improvement.

I will be writing an official book proposal for “10 Steps to Being the Artist YOU want to be” and sending it off to publishers. I believe this book needs to be in the right hands to get it to the people who need it. I cannot do this on my own. The book is written and I know it will be of value because people I have interacted with during 2016 have said they either want a copy or know someone who does.

Lastly I will spend more time in the environment that inspires me – the landscape of Suffolk and Yorkshire.

So 2017 is already looking full of potential. I can’t wait to get started!

May the new year also bring you bundles of fun and creativity ❤


Show and Tell

Tomorrow I will be giving a talk to some teenagers about my inspirations in art and how I go about a new painting. I’ll be taking a copy of my book Whispers of the Landscape, and this painting to help demonstrate how I go about choosing the subject and composition of a painting, then following the process through to the outcome:

Where We Walked IV ©Deborah E Burrow

Where We Walked IV ©Deborah Burrow 16×20″

I love talking about being an artist and my work process to inspire people, and I’m really looking forward to talking to the teenagers at their school tomorrow.

Cambridge Contemporary Art have some of my artworks for their exhibitions over the next 2 months, and it’s looking lovely. There are always great artworks to be seen in their gallery by some wonderful artists. If you get a chance do pop in.

Yesterday I secured a new commission, a diptych measuring 2 metres by 1 metre, for a client in Suffolk. It is so nice to be doing a new bespoke painting. I love working on a painting for a client getting all the details sorted so that it hangs right in their home. Things like colour, subject and composition are the primary considerations during the consultation. Next I will be doing some preliminary sketches and then a test painting on paper before I tackle the large canvases. This time I will be using the Alu Pro Canvases which are archival quality linen stretched canvases that have aluminium supports to keep the canvas in shape without framing. I am quite excited to be using these. They are good options at larger sizes as the wooden panels I usually use can get quite heavy.

In other news, I have been hand-making Christmas presents! I have been decopatching special items for friends and family. I can’t share any of the completed gifts on here yet, for obvious reasons, but here are some reindeers I have done! Mine is the large one on the right and the little ones in front. The one on the left was done by my friend.


It’s good to have a rest from the easel from time to time and have some fun. Especially creative fun!

Keep creative 🙂

Autumn Equinox and Creativity


The Autumn Equinox was yesterday, and surrounding it is the harvest time for the hard work put in for the year.

As an artist I work very much on a creative cycle that corresponds with the seasons. It is no surprise then that I have been winding down my work with deadlines and taking stock of my achievements for the year. I have been slowing down in productivity since the first week of September when I took a 8 night camping holiday in North Norfolk – such a peaceful and beautiful area.

“Autumn is the time of harvesting – so use this time to assess the work you’ve done so far and consider your way forward. Is it ready to harvest? Or will it need another year or more? Does it need pruning, reshaping, rethinking? Do you need to put it aside for a while to allow it to ferment?” © Elsa Neal

In short the creative yearly cycle looks like this:

  • SPRING: Fresh / New ideas / Coming to Life / Blossom
  • SUMMER: New Growth / High Energy / Consistency / Productive
  • AUTUMN: Fruit Bearing / Nourishing / Results of Labours
  • WINTER: Rest / Reflection / Conservation of Energy / Recharge / Planning

The Midnight Tree ©Deborah Burrow

I have reviewed the amount of work I have produced this year so far, and I can mark many achievements including:

  • Publishing “Whispers of the Landscape” book
  • Having a bumper Suffolk Open Studios month and making many new contacts
  • Creating over 30 artworks ready for sale, at a consistent high quality
  • Opening “SilverWrenGifts” online shop with artisan jewellery and artworks
  • Taking part in exhibitions in 6 galleries over the year, amounting to 10 shows by end of 2016
  • Short listed for “Pigs Gone Wild” (high profile fundraising project)
  • Lead workshops and demonstrations

There are of course many other little achievements that weave in and out of the year of the artist, and mine have kept me going and increased my self belief in what I do.

Using the creative seasons as a backbone to my yearly creative life reassures me that I am always on the right track, and that I don’t have to be beavering away in the studio all day, all year to achieve lots. I am grateful for the seasons as they give me the essential time to think, reflect and produce.

As I write this I am finishing off my batch of new paintings for the Cambridge Contemporary Art Winter Show ready to deliver in the first week of October. Once that is done, and a few new paintings delivered to the Hunter Gallery in Long Melford, I am released from deadlines!

During the next 3 months I will continue painting, but with a more relaxed attitude. I will also be putting the finishing touches to my next book, “10 Steps to Being the Artist YOU Want to Be”. My father will be helping me conclude the final edit. I will be doing all the illustrations myself, but in ink, which I find enjoyable.

And I can also divulge in painting found objects like pebbles, feathers etc. I will show you these in the next blog.

With Warm Autumnal Wishes



Time Stands Still…

Hello from sunny England. We’ve had such a good summer for a change! It has meant that I’ve not worked during the hot hours of the day and caught up in the evening instead. But I’ve had a whale of a time taking advantage of my friend’s pool to keep cool and refreshed. Sitting on an inflatable ring floating in a pool in the sun does feel like time stops for a while! Very blissful 🙂

I do have 2 new paintings to show you, “Tranquility VI” and the first of a new series entitled, “Spanish Quietude”.

“Spanish Quietude” is inspired by the amazing landscapes I experienced whilst staying in the Spanish mountains in the Almeria region the 2 times I’ve been over in the last year. Its such a beautiful and peaceful place. I wanted to capture the heat of the land up in the mountains, the absence of surface water as it’s so dry, and the distant bluey purple mountains.

Apart from painting I have opened up a new shop online which has stock of my new 2017 calendars, copies of the Whispers of the Landscape book, and some artisan jewellery made by yours truly.


Calendar 2017




This is just 4 of the pendants available. These pendants are made with resin set in a silver plated tray and come with a sterling silver snake chain. I love the colours and the painterly effect. New ones are being added all the time – just making some heart shaped ones at the moment – and they are very affordable. They will make lovely gifts. SilverWrenGifts

I will soon have paintings available to buy from my website too. The webpage takes a little while to get right, so bear with me!

That’s all for now folks.

Keep smiling!






Working in Series

I thought I’d write about working in series today. You may have already noticed that I work in series, but I’ve never really talked about them much before.

Working is series is something that I enjoy. I don’t always plan to paint in series until I’ve painted one that I instinctively know will work as a series. The first one always has to be right! For example, with The Elegant Birches series, the first one came out so well, and sold so quickly that it was obvious it was going to be the start of a new series.

When I work in series, I use a title with numbers (in the order I paint them). The basic theme of the title is present in each painting. I may change the colours, or something else, and I only ever work up to seven paintings in a series. It seems such a good number for me, and I like to think that series is limited, and therefore more collectible.

Here are the three series that are now complete. (These series can take years to complete. The Elegant Birches only took a year, but the Where We Walked paintings started in 2009!)
In the images below the paintings begin with the most recent painting first. Enjoy!

The Elegant Birches series:

The Elegant Birches series

You can see them in more detail here;


Midwinter Tree series:

Midwinter Tree series

You can see them in more detail here;


Where We Walked series:

Where We Walked Series

You can see them in more detail here;

R’n’R and Back to the Easel

Hi there

After a very busy time during May and June,  I had a couple of weeks rest and recuperation. One week was camping with my husband on the North Norfolk Coast (one of our favourite places to relax). When we returned, the intense heatwave week struck, with temps up to 33.5○C,  and I was ‘forced’ to spend time in my friends pool! But as usual, the Intense English Heatwave is short lived, and now I’m back at the easel. It’s still lovely and warm so I can spend time having tea-breaks in the garden 🙂

For the month of August I will have 12 paintings in a gallery new to me, The Suffolk Living Gallery in Felixstowe.
Suffolk Living 2016 flyer

Meanwhile, there are still artworks in other galleries (see exhibitions page).

I am also working a commission, and on a new batch of artworks ready for exhibitions later in the year. I will be back soon to show you some new paintings.

Enjoy the sun!


Ink Illustrations

Whilst Suffolk Open Studios has been in progress, I have been spending some time doing some ink illustrations for a new exhibition.

Here are my Phantasmagorical Animals 🙂 Enjoy!

Suffolk Open Studios 2016

Well, we are nearly ready to open our artist hub’s doors at the weekend! Here are a few snaps taken to whet your appetite!

There are a few new artworks of mine appearing here, and at the Cambridge Contemporary Art Gallery. Here is a sample:

I am now working on a new set of paintings, of which I will share with you soon.

Meanwhile, keep happy and I hope to see you at our Open Studio event.