Hello 2017!


The New Year is here, and whilst all of you may be making resolutions, I’d like to share some wisdom I received in that moment between asleep and awake on New Year’s Eve.

  • Listen to what the Universe/God is telling you
  • Understand the message
  • Act accordingly (either through action or non-action; you will know)

This wisdom encompasses all aspects of life, but for this blog I will relate it to my art making.

This year I will be showing my contemporary paintings exclusively in galleries that represent me, and I will continue to sell small arts and crafts I create via etsy.com too. 2016 taught me that despite showing artworks in local events, my work sells best in galleries. The only exception was Suffolk Open Studios, and in 2017 I will be teaming up with other artists again to do something similar.

I will also create only works that inspire me so much I become passionate about it, where I have a connection to the subject, for either exhibition or commission. I currently have a commission in progress which I am really enjoying. I will also take even more time and care over the painting process – in the past I have been driven by numbers and quality. This year I will concentrate on quality alone. There is always room for improvement.

I will be writing an official book proposal for “10 Steps to Being the Artist YOU want to be” and sending it off to publishers. I believe this book needs to be in the right hands to get it to the people who need it. I cannot do this on my own. The book is written and I know it will be of value because people I have interacted with during 2016 have said they either want a copy or know someone who does.

Lastly I will spend more time in the environment that inspires me – the landscape of Suffolk and Yorkshire.

So 2017 is already looking full of potential. I can’t wait to get started!

May the new year also bring you bundles of fun and creativity ❤