Show and Tell

Tomorrow I will be giving a talk to some teenagers about my inspirations in art and how I go about a new painting. I’ll be taking a copy of my book Whispers of the Landscape, and this painting to help demonstrate how I go about choosing the subject and composition of a painting, then following the process through to the outcome:

Where We Walked IV ©Deborah E Burrow

Where We Walked IV ©Deborah Burrow 16×20″

I love talking about being an artist and my work process to inspire people, and I’m really looking forward to talking to the teenagers at their school tomorrow.

Cambridge Contemporary Art have some of my artworks for their exhibitions over the next 2 months, and it’s looking lovely. There are always great artworks to be seen in their gallery by some wonderful artists. If you get a chance do pop in.

Yesterday I secured a new commission, a diptych measuring 2 metres by 1 metre, for a client in Suffolk. It is so nice to be doing a new bespoke painting. I love working on a painting for a client getting all the details sorted so that it hangs right in their home. Things like colour, subject and composition are the primary considerations during the consultation. Next I will be doing some preliminary sketches and then a test painting on paper before I tackle the large canvases. This time I will be using the Alu Pro Canvases which are archival quality linen stretched canvases that have aluminium supports to keep the canvas in shape without framing. I am quite excited to be using these. They are good options at larger sizes as the wooden panels I usually use can get quite heavy.

In other news, I have been hand-making Christmas presents! I have been decopatching special items for friends and family. I can’t share any of the completed gifts on here yet, for obvious reasons, but here are some reindeers I have done! Mine is the large one on the right and the little ones in front. The one on the left was done by my friend.


It’s good to have a rest from the easel from time to time and have some fun. Especially creative fun!

Keep creative 🙂