Working in Series

I thought I’d write about working in series today. You may have already noticed that I work in series, but I’ve never really talked about them much before.

Working is series is something that I enjoy. I don’t always plan to paint in series until I’ve painted one that I instinctively know will work as a series. The first one always has to be right! For example, with The Elegant Birches series, the first one came out so well, and sold so quickly that it was obvious it was going to be the start of a new series.

When I work in series, I use a title with numbers (in the order I paint them). The basic theme of the title is present in each painting. I may change the colours, or something else, and I only ever work up to seven paintings in a series. It seems such a good number for me, and I like to think that series is limited, and therefore more collectible.

Here are the three series that are now complete. (These series can take years to complete. The Elegant Birches only took a year, but the Where We Walked paintings started in 2009!)
In the images below the paintings begin with the most recent painting first. Enjoy!

The Elegant Birches series:

The Elegant Birches series

You can see them in more detail here;


Midwinter Tree series:

Midwinter Tree series

You can see them in more detail here;


Where We Walked series:

Where We Walked Series

You can see them in more detail here;