Autumn Equinox and Creativity


The Autumn Equinox was yesterday, and surrounding it is the harvest time for the hard work put in for the year.

As an artist I work very much on a creative cycle that corresponds with the seasons. It is no surprise then that I have been winding down my work with deadlines and taking stock of my achievements for the year. I have been slowing down in productivity since the first week of September when I took a 8 night camping holiday in North Norfolk – such a peaceful and beautiful area.

“Autumn is the time of harvesting – so use this time to assess the work you’ve done so far and consider your way forward. Is it ready to harvest? Or will it need another year or more? Does it need pruning, reshaping, rethinking? Do you need to put it aside for a while to allow it to ferment?” © Elsa Neal

In short the creative yearly cycle looks like this:

  • SPRING: Fresh / New ideas / Coming to Life / Blossom
  • SUMMER: New Growth / High Energy / Consistency / Productive
  • AUTUMN: Fruit Bearing / Nourishing / Results of Labours
  • WINTER: Rest / Reflection / Conservation of Energy / Recharge / Planning

The Midnight Tree ©Deborah Burrow

I have reviewed the amount of work I have produced this year so far, and I can mark many achievements including:

  • Publishing “Whispers of the Landscape” book
  • Having a bumper Suffolk Open Studios month and making many new contacts
  • Creating over 30 artworks ready for sale, at a consistent high quality
  • Opening “SilverWrenGifts” online shop with artisan jewellery and artworks
  • Taking part in exhibitions in 6 galleries over the year, amounting to 10 shows by end of 2016
  • Short listed for “Pigs Gone Wild” (high profile fundraising project)
  • Lead workshops and demonstrations

There are of course many other little achievements that weave in and out of the year of the artist, and mine have kept me going and increased my self belief in what I do.

Using the creative seasons as a backbone to my yearly creative life reassures me that I am always on the right track, and that I don’t have to be beavering away in the studio all day, all year to achieve lots. I am grateful for the seasons as they give me the essential time to think, reflect and produce.

As I write this I am finishing off my batch of new paintings for the Cambridge Contemporary Art Winter Show ready to deliver in the first week of October. Once that is done, and a few new paintings delivered to the Hunter Gallery in Long Melford, I am released from deadlines!

During the next 3 months I will continue painting, but with a more relaxed attitude. I will also be putting the finishing touches to my next book, “10 Steps to Being the Artist YOU Want to Be”. My father will be helping me conclude the final edit. I will be doing all the illustrations myself, but in ink, which I find enjoyable.

And I can also divulge in painting found objects like pebbles, feathers etc. I will show you these in the next blog.

With Warm Autumnal Wishes