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Busy as a Bee…

Ah…at last summer is here. I am really working hard and enjoying lovely tea breaks in the garden!

As you know Suffolk Open Studios is approaching fast and I am nearly ready for it. Lots of painting, mounting of small works, prints, greeting cards, postcards, glass mosaics and more is coming together all ready to be packaged up to transport to the studio. I can’t wait!

Promo Postcard 2016

Alongside this flurry of activity, I am putting the finishing touches to the book. The cover is in the hands of designers, and the foreword has just been written by the lovely Jacqui Malpass.  The book is being launched at the Suffolk Open Studios and will be available to buy and have personally signed.

I’m also finishing off a body of work to be delivered to the Cambridge Contemporary Art Gallery next month. Its going to be a great Summer Exhibition.

I will be back soon with some new paintings to show you.

Meanwhile, enjoy the sun!





Spanish Mountains

Studio Blog

Mi amiga marevilliosa (my wonderful friend), Jacqui, has been a most lovely companion as I spent 10 days in Spain with her at the beginning of April. Again, I fell in love with the Spanish countryside – the mountains, the coast, the birds, the crickets, the sunshine – just blissful.

A trip for a working holiday – to finish the first draft of the book coming out in June, and to spend time with Jacqui, her furbabies and her friends. I was also very inspired, and have come home with one or two ideas for paintings, like this:

Near Los Morillas

Spanish Mountains – near Arboleas

This was taken on top of a mountains, with others in the range in the distance, and some Tamarisk in front. I just love the wildness of this place!

About an hour from here is the place where they filmed the Spaghetti Westerns, and you can see why!

Since I got back I have been painting, and finishing off other paintings, and have some to show you.

These are all ones I planned in my sketch book when my shoulder was healing – I am so glad I was able to plan so much because it has made all the difference with the body of work I need to get ready for the summer exhibitions.

I have really enjoyed doing this paintings, and I will be starting new ones next week. I will also have to upload and edit my book ready for printing a proof copy, so I have a full week ahead. Never a dull moment!

I’ll be back with more news soon…

Back at the Easel

Studio Blog

Ah….a hint of Spring is lifting my spirits, and enabling a speedy recovery from my shoulder injury. It has been over 4 weeks since it happened, and its only this last 6 days that I have been able to get back to the easel comfortably and get on with my newly planned paintings.

Here are the results!

The first one, Where We Walked VII, is one from I started from scratch last week, and the one on the right was started before my shoulder injury, so I’m happy to get it finished. The great news is that these 2 paintings along with 2 others are now in a gallery that is newly representing me – The Hunter Gallery in Long Melford, Suffolk UK. I’m really happy to have been accepted to have my artworks with them as it now means my work can be seen in 3 places in East Anglia. I will be keeping it at 3 galleries, so I can concentrate on delivering high quality work for their clients.

I had a meeting last night with my fellow artists for Suffolk Open Studios. There will be 3 of us at Hackney Road Studio for all the weekends in June 2016. We are getting ready to open our doors on Saturday June 4th. We’re really looking forward to it as you’ll be able to see some works in progress and chat to us about what we do and how we do it. There is also a beautiful garden to sit and enjoy the sunshine with a cuppa too. Here is our little poster, so you can save the date!
Promo Postcard 2016

Back soon with more news 🙂


Enforced Rest

Studio Blog

Hi there

Well, the big news is that I have injured my shoulder..bad news is that it hurts a lot, but the good news is that its my non-dominant arm that is affected. However, I can’t sit at the easel to paint, and I have trouble opening tubes of paint and setting up stuff, so I’ve had to refrain from working in the studio. Boo!

I am a lucky person though because I have a wonderful friend who is also a fellow artist, and she has been picking me up and taking me round her’s for tea, chat, and some painting. The best I can manage is sketching with a pencil and my favourite watercolour pans set. It is a set I put together myself with all the colours that light my fire and that are inspiring for acrylic paintings.

So over the last week, I have proved that having an injured shoulder (and taking some wonderful painkillers) doesn’t stop me from planning and sketching out ideas. In fact, if I hadn’t had this enforced rest I probably wouldn’t have decided to work solely on 2 series of paintings for the summer exhibitions.

Sometimes we forget to be still and let ourselves be a conduit
for the creative force in the universe…

Here are some of my favourite results of this sketching and planning period:

The week before my injury, I did finish a new acrylic, and I’m proud to share it with you now:

Tranquility II ©Deborah Burrow

Tranquility II ©Deborah Burrow

I am also pleased to report that the studio sale went well, and some lovely customers were very happy with their bargains! I don’t have painting sales very often, but during the Suffolk Open Studios event this year, all of us in Hackney Road Studios will have a few pieces on a ‘sale wall’, as well as showcasing new work, prints, cards and more, so if you’re in the area, we’d be pleased to see you.

Right, I’m off to rest my weary body, and I’ll be back with more news soon!

Keeping Creative,


I Digress…

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Mental Health is something that is very close to my heart. Some of my dearest family members have experienced mental health issues. Severe depression has affected both my husband’s family, (including anorexia nervosa) and my family alike. I have also suffered from depression for most of my life (now medicated long term). Because this subject is so personal, I decided to take part in a themed exhibition at the Freudian Sheep Gallery in Ipswich, which focuses on issues and perspectives around mental health. The exhibition is called MAD? and runs from Feb 13th – March 4th 2016.

Interpretation of the title and the theme is left up to the artist, so I decided to digress from my normal style and use a different technique to explore where individuals lie on the mental health continuum. I painted images that reflected the lighter end of the continuum where people are labeled ‘quirky’, ‘kooky’ or ‘eccentric'(see the painting ‘Kooky Bird’). These people manage to still remain part of society but often present as people who are ‘different from the norm’. They also manage to surround themselves with people who accept and understand them (see the painting ‘Kooky Bird & Friends’). These people can be fragile and it may not take much to unbalance them (see the painting ‘Balancing Act II’).

Here are the paintings:

The paintings are acrylic on gallery wrap canvas, ranging from 24 x 18″ to 30 x 24″ and will be available for sale at the Freudian Sheep Gallery.

I painted them using ‘negative painting’ in 2 layers where I painted the colours on the canvas first, then marked out my design, and filled in the negative shape with a warm neutral grey. I used a painting knife to apply the bright colours to give a more random appearance to the birds. I am quite pleased with the result, and so far people have said they love them where I have shared them on social media.

Next week I will be back in the studio preparing for other upcoming exhibitions, and getting back to my contemporary landscapes. I will, however, be using the painting knife more.

Keep creative!



STUDIO SALE 50% off…

Studio Blog

Hi everyone

I’ve decided to have a January 2016 Studio Sale, with all paintings half price. To see what is available please go to my ONLINE PORTFOLIO where you can have a proper browse of all the paintings available. I RARELY have a sale, so this is a rare opportunity to get something you’ve had your eye on for a while at a bargain price. This sale will be short lived…
If a painting does takes your fancy, CONTACT ME  with the painting title, and I’ll let you know what the size, medium and price. Payment is easy via BACs and I can ship worldwide.

Here are just a handful of them:

To see the full list go to my ONLINE PORTFOLIO. Enjoy your browse!


2016 The Beginning of a New Creative Cycle

Studio Blog

Its so nice to be almost back to my normal schedule again after a lovely Christmas and New Year celebrations. I do hope your holidays were great too!

The first thing I  did after the celebrations was tidy my studio! The run up to the Christmas is very busy for us artists, and I had 3 galleries to supply with new paintings, my tax return to finish, and a plan to make for the next 12 months. Phew!

Of course once I started tidying up I didn’t stop, so I had a complete shuffle around, got rid of 12 bin bags of rubbish and lots of other bits that had been hanging around for too long! I even bought a second hand solid wood cupboard and retired some of my old furniture. Now my studio looks lush – tidy, inspiring and organised. The perfect way to start the new year!

I am working on 3 new paintings for an exhibition in February which is all about raising awareness of Mental Health and Perspectives on it see here.  I am working on canvas for a change, (I found 3 that needed using during my tidy-up) and using a technique I don’t usually use in acrylic and really enjoying it. I will share the results with you very soon. Meanwhile you can see a couple of new small [daily] paintings:

These paintings are acrylic on Clairfontaine acrylic paper. I’m really enjoying the freedom of these small works – I choose a few landscape lines, a limited palette, and off I go. They are quick and satisfying, and a great warm up to a studio painting session.

This winter I have felt a mood shift, just like I always do, due to SAD, but I have also been attentive to what the shift means. As it is a regular occurrence for me I own a really good Light Box so I cope well. But I tend to need to rest more than at other times of year. So I’ve been looking at the cycle of the seasons and how they relate to our energy and productive levels throughout the year. I am still working on this, but I will share with you my current thoughts:

  • SPRING: Fresh / New ideas / Coming to Life / Blossom
  • SUMMER: New Growth / High Energy / Consistency / Productive
  • AUTUMN: Fruit Bearing / Nourishing / Results of Labours
  • WINTER: Rest / Reflection / Conservation of Energy / Recharge / Planning

I also found this article that you may find interesting too –

Food for thought!

Happy New Year,


Happy Christmas and Happy New Year

Christmas Tree Deborah Burrow

Seasons Greetings ©Deborah Burrow

Having completed 3 new paintings over the last few weeks the time for a break is here. So in the next couple of weeks I will be taking some much needed time off, but I will be continuing with my small daily paintings and keep the page dedicated to them up to date over here at

That just leaves me to warmly wish you a very Happy Christmas and all the best for 2016.

Whispers of the Landscape

The wild and scrubby mountains of Southern Spain were my home for 2 weeks during October and I returned leaving a little of my soul in that quiet landscape, broken only by birds during the day and crickets and foxes at night. It was a real treat for my creative self. I went with the purpose of putting together my new book at a writing retreat with the wonderful coach Jacqui Malpass. She is a fab guide around the logistics and heart of writing a book, which I was very much looking forward to. The small group at the retreat was also made up of wonderful and inspiring people.

As I travelled to the region of Almeria, (an 8 hour journey door to door) I sat and edited the other book, 10 Steps to Being the Artist YOU want to be, in book proof form with a striking red pen. Happily I completed the edit and now can move on with that book with my editor. But I went with another book in mind, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that when I came to plan it out in one of the workshops on the retreat that it blossomed into an entirely different book, and made itself known as the obvious first book to be released in early 2016… I was not expecting that! It must have been the magic of the natural beauty of the surroundings and the amazing vibes of Jacqui and the group members that birthed this fascinating new project!

Without much ado, I will tell you all about it!

I have planned out (and written the first 4 chapters of) a beautiful square ‘coffee table’ book, full of my painting images, where I take you on a journey, opening the doors into my world of peace, harmony and joy in painting contemporary landscapes. I do paint with purpose, and some of my influences and thoughts about the scenery around me are woven into the paintings. In this book I share that with you.

book cover
working book cover

I really am quite excited about this book, and have found myself writing prose as well as descriptive text. I have worked as a lyricist in the past, and this project is allowing that creative part of me that uses words to come out.

The book will be available at galleries* and Amazon early in 2016.

So this is what has been my world for the best part of the last month, as I have returned with more thoughts and ideas for it – I feel like I’ve been wondering about in a dream, its been such an earthly but ethereal experience.

Hopefully by the time I blog here again, I will have more news to share with you.

Happy Warm Autumn Wishes to you,


*Initially at galleries where Deborah’s work is shown

Tales of Autumn

Hi there

I love Autumn. The colours of the changing landscape really inspire me and I am filling my sketchbook with ideas that are the basis for new paintings to come. In terms of work, this Autumn sees me juggling a few big projects, and they are all very exciting.

On Wednesday I received the proof copy of my book, ’10 Steps to being the Artist You Want to Be’. I burst into happy tears when I opened the parcel – there lay my book, looking like a book, feeling like a book in my hands and then reading like a book to my eyes! So wonderful. I really thought I’d never get to this point, and I felt so proud that I had finally written my first book. Of course, now its a few days later and I have come down from the clouds and now have the book in my hands with a RED pen to do the 3rd and final edit! Eek!

Working Cover Design

Working Cover Design – to be updated shortly

In other news I have just finished some new paintings ready for the winter shows at Cambridge Contemporary Art Gallery and the Freudian Sheep in Ipswich, and some others that are ready for future exhibitions.

These paintings are a mixture of acrylic on wood panel and watercolour on paper. ‘Moth Wing Hill’ was fun to do as I tried out a new technique. I bought some QoR watercolour ground which is an interesting medium. It enables you to paint watercolour on any surface, so I applied some to a wood panel and worked on top using watercolour technique using acrylic. It is very lovely when using usual watercolours (I tested some out on a spare panel) and I thoroughly recommend it, however, I really wanted it to make it easier to create washes in acrylic for areas like skies and undercoats. It was interesting to build up the layers of colour. I will be experimenting more – watch this space.

Lastly, I have just signed a contract with American Greeting card company, Papyrus for one of my images which will be used in Christmas boxed sets of cards. It is an older watercolour painting of mine that is perfect for an arty Christmas Card and I will be able to show you an image of their product when it is published. I am looking to licensing my images more in future too. Very exciting times!

Well, that’s me for now. I will be back soon to show you photos of the writing retreat I am attending in Spain where I will be planning out my next book in the wonderful field of creativity.

Sending you Cosy Autumn Wishes 🙂