Spanish Mountains

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Mi amiga marevilliosa (my wonderful friend), Jacqui, has been a most lovely companion as I spent 10 days in Spain with her at the beginning of April. Again, I fell in love with the Spanish countryside – the mountains, the coast, the birds, the crickets, the sunshine – just blissful.

A trip for a working holiday – to finish the first draft of the book coming out in June, and to spend time with Jacqui, her furbabies and her friends. I was also very inspired, and have come home with one or two ideas for paintings, like this:

Near Los Morillas

Spanish Mountains – near Arboleas

This was taken on top of a mountains, with others in the range in the distance, and some Tamarisk in front. I just love the wildness of this place!

About an hour from here is the place where they filmed the Spaghetti Westerns, and you can see why!

Since I got back I have been painting, and finishing off other paintings, and have some to show you.

These are all ones I planned in my sketch book when my shoulder was healing – I am so glad I was able to plan so much because it has made all the difference with the body of work I need to get ready for the summer exhibitions.

I have really enjoyed doing this paintings, and I will be starting new ones next week. I will also have to upload and edit my book ready for printing a proof copy, so I have a full week ahead. Never a dull moment!

I’ll be back with more news soon…