2016 The Beginning of a New Creative Cycle

Studio Blog

Its so nice to be almost back to my normal schedule again after a lovely Christmas and New Year celebrations. I do hope your holidays were great too!

The first thing I  did after the celebrations was tidy my studio! The run up to the Christmas is very busy for us artists, and I had 3 galleries to supply with new paintings, my tax return to finish, and a plan to make for the next 12 months. Phew!

Of course once I started tidying up I didn’t stop, so I had a complete shuffle around, got rid of 12 bin bags of rubbish and lots of other bits that had been hanging around for too long! I even bought a second hand solid wood cupboard and retired some of my old furniture. Now my studio looks lush – tidy, inspiring and organised. The perfect way to start the new year!

I am working on 3 new paintings for an exhibition in February which is all about raising awareness of Mental Health and Perspectives on it see here.  I am working on canvas for a change, (I found 3 that needed using during my tidy-up) and using a technique I don’t usually use in acrylic and really enjoying it. I will share the results with you very soon. Meanwhile you can see a couple of new small [daily] paintings:

These paintings are acrylic on Clairfontaine acrylic paper. I’m really enjoying the freedom of these small works – I choose a few landscape lines, a limited palette, and off I go. They are quick and satisfying, and a great warm up to a studio painting session.

This winter I have felt a mood shift, just like I always do, due to SAD, but I have also been attentive to what the shift means. As it is a regular occurrence for me I own a really good Light Box so I cope well. But I tend to need to rest more than at other times of year. So I’ve been looking at the cycle of the seasons and how they relate to our energy and productive levels throughout the year. I am still working on this, but I will share with you my current thoughts:

  • SPRING: Fresh / New ideas / Coming to Life / Blossom
  • SUMMER: New Growth / High Energy / Consistency / Productive
  • AUTUMN: Fruit Bearing / Nourishing / Results of Labours
  • WINTER: Rest / Reflection / Conservation of Energy / Recharge / Planning

I also found this article that you may find interesting too – http://www.thechangeblog.com/the-different-seasons-of-creativity-finding-and-following-your-patterns/

Food for thought!

Happy New Year,