Whispers of the Landscape

The wild and scrubby mountains of Southern Spain were my home for 2 weeks during October and I returned leaving a little of my soul in that quiet landscape, broken only by birds during the day and crickets and foxes at night. It was a real treat for my creative self. I went with the purpose of putting together my new book at a writing retreat with the wonderful coach Jacqui Malpass. She is a fab guide around the logistics and heart of writing a book, which I was very much looking forward to. The small group at the retreat was also made up of wonderful and inspiring people.

As I travelled to the region of Almeria, (an 8 hour journey door to door) I sat and edited the other book, 10 Steps to Being the Artist YOU want to be, in book proof form with a striking red pen. Happily I completed the edit and now can move on with that book with my editor. But I went with another book in mind, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that when I came to plan it out in one of the workshops on the retreat that it blossomed into an entirely different book, and made itself known as the obvious first book to be released in early 2016… I was not expecting that! It must have been the magic of the natural beauty of the surroundings and the amazing vibes of Jacqui and the group members that birthed this fascinating new project!

Without much ado, I will tell you all about it!

I have planned out (and written the first 4 chapters of) a beautiful square ‘coffee table’ book, full of my painting images, where I take you on a journey, opening the doors into my world of peace, harmony and joy in painting contemporary landscapes. I do paint with purpose, and some of my influences and thoughts about the scenery around me are woven into the paintings. In this book I share that with you.

book cover
working book cover

I really am quite excited about this book, and have found myself writing prose as well as descriptive text. I have worked as a lyricist in the past, and this project is allowing that creative part of me that uses words to come out.

The book will be available at galleries* and Amazon early in 2016.

So this is what has been my world for the best part of the last month, as I have returned with more thoughts and ideas for it – I feel like I’ve been wondering about in a dream, its been such an earthly but ethereal experience.

Hopefully by the time I blog here again, I will have more news to share with you.

Happy Warm Autumn Wishes to you,


*Initially at galleries where Deborah’s work is shown