Inspired by Collage & Watercolour

Happy Spring Equinox!

In celebration of Spring being upon us I have created some new artworks. I have been thinking about combining watercolour and collage for sometime, and the right design came to me this week.

I have experimented with collage birds made from vibrant paper in the past and I really enjoyed it. There is something about cutting out shapes with a crafting knife that is very therapeutic and satisfying. I sketched out some potential compositions and finally settled on ink and watercolour brambles with ripe blackberries.

I have completed 7 altogether, 1 large and 6 small ones:

As you can see, the images are light, delicate and expressive. They are also fun. I have framed all the small ones in box frames and they look great together. The large one (the blackbird with wings) will be framed in a large 16×16″ oak frame with a white mount. I’m really exited by these little birdies and have decided to do more. These will definitely be on sale at the Suffolk Open Studios Artist Hub in June.

Well, that’s all for now folks, I’ll be back soon.

Enjoy Spring unfolding 🙂